My passion on cultures goes back to my youth. When I finished my grammar-school I finished the National Heritage – Tour Guide education at ELTE University and in the weekend as a tourist guide, I walked with guests and tourist in the towns, hills, valley and along rivers.
Later, I established the tourist club at the Bank I worked for.

International banking for 25+ year as senior operational manager, policy and process manager.

When I moved to the Netherlands, I established a Hungarian Weekend School to preserve the Hungarian Culture to children with Hungarian origin and established a Cultural Heritage Seminar.

It is not a surprise that suddenly I found myself in prison :-).
Ok, not like that, but I wrote a grant application to renovate a built heritage in the Balassagyarmat Penitentiary Institute and Prison (1842), and followed by many other succesful grant applications and projects.

Today, I am the president of the Intercultural Association of ADRIATICA to preserve, to promote and to hand over the cultural heritage of the areas around the Adriatic-Sea to the next generation.

Fascinating projects, wonderful and ambitious people and many missions accomplished and preserved for our today and next generation.

Business Project Management

Cultural Project Management

Writing Business Plan and Feasibility Plan
Writing grant/subsidy application
Business process analysis and preparation
Coaching and training on banking products and services

Data management, data entry
Project plan and management

Business English / Hungarian language courses online
Lecturing, training, workshop on Business Culture Management

Writing grant/subsidy application
Cultural project management
Lecturing on cultural diversity & management
Lecturing on cultural heritage

Touristic program organisation

Cultural research

Language courses
Cultural and artistic workshop

References stored in Kódex Bulletin National Széchenyi Library, Electronic Periodicals

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