War refugees from Ukraine-Call for Donation

Many of the founding members and friends of the ADRIA Intercultural Association in Hungary and the Veneto region, as well as others in the entire world, woke up on Thursday when Russian troops entered Ukraine. Today, thousands and thousands are fleeing the country, Hungarians of Transcarpathia, Ukrainians, and Ukrainians of Russian descent, who knows how, on foot, with a single suitcase with children, grandparents. Reception and assistance to those arriving in several places in Hungary started with temporary homes, clothes, hygiene care, financial support and in any possible way. One such organization is the Mélyrepülés Utcalap [Subemergence Street news] in Kecskemét, which has been supporting people in deep poverty for years. Its pillar members are also founding members of our Association. Read the call, and whoever can help, donate, initiate and transfer of goods in need, or fundraiser to the Kecskemét Charity organisation from the province of Veneto, please let us know.
Money donations can be sent to the account numbers at the end of the article, which I thank for on behalf of the Association.
Yours faithfully:
Kronauer Éva Lilla
President of the Association

Dear friends, supporters, readers!

We respectfully report that this year’s first issue of the Mélyrepülés Utcalap [Subemergence Street news] was published, in which, in addition to the texts of Alexandra Palesz, Anna T. Szabó, Attila Papp, Zoltán Riegel and Péter Zsembery, a sonnet by William Shakespeare can be read by Sándor Fazekas. In addition to the literary it offers, readers can also find works by Vera A. Fehér, Ágnes Husz, Katalin Kiss, Ildikó Petri, Imre A. Varga and György Verebes.

The publication commemorates the recently deceased painter of Kecskemét, Vladimir Bazán, who has always gladly joined the charity and philanthropic campaigns that appear in the spirit of the paper.

Bazán Vladimir’s homeland, Ukraine is now at war. And wars are never fought and suffered most by those who start them, but by innocent, ordinary people.

We want to help people who are forced to flee the war in Ukraine in a modest way by selling our first issue of this year and the interactive concert “ZOORD IN THE LAND” at the Leskowsky Musical Instruments Collection on March 5, 2022.

The fb of the event is https://www.facebook.com/events/479858126923040/?ref=newsfeed.

The first issue of the Mélyrepülés Utcalap [Subemergence Street news] will be available from Monday in the donation shop of the Védőháló Karitatív Adománybolt Kft [Protective Network Charity Shop] at 8 Zápolya János Street (behind the Police Headquarters, next to the Öregdiófa [Old Walnut Tree] Restaurant), Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 and Saturday from 9:00 to 12:00.

Those who want to help the family with additional support can transfer the amount to the account number of Védőháló Karitatív Adománybolt Kft. at OTP Bank: 11732002-23536827. Please write in the announcement the following: „Mély merülés 2022/1 Ukrajna”.

At the same time, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the first issue of the Mélyrepülés Utcalap [Subemergence Street news] in 2022 (as well as the previous ones) will be available for purchase online on this interface: https://vedohalokecskemet.hu/
Thank you for helping those affected by the war through us!

Last but not least, we have been able to close the past year so successfully through a number of benefactors that we can use it to support another injured child who was already in our sight: the 14-year-old Hanna Csikós. Joining the initiative of the Together Foundation for Families in Kecskemét, we can support the help of the little girl and her caring mother, who have almost completely lost her eye-vision (due to a rare eye muscle paralysis), but is still able to recover through a series of surgeries. We will be informed about the event in time.

Mélyrepülés Utcalap [Subemergence Street news]
Editorial Phone: +36 20 39 55 332
Email: millemerulo@gmail.com

Beneficiary’s name: Védőháló Karitatív Adománybolt Kft
Account number: OTP 11732002-20316895
From abroad: OTP Bank, Budapest, Hungary

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